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Whether you’re a couple or single, there comes the time when staying and taking care of your home becomes financially, emotionally, and physically too much. You’re not socializing, you need assistance in preparing meals, you’re not keeping up with your home maintenance, and maybe you’re lonely. You sense that maybe it’s time to move into a retirement community but when you look around at your worldly possessions, a sense of fear overwhelms you because you don’t know where to turn. Not wanting to burden family or friends, you do nothing.

Statistics show that making a move to a retirement community improves quality of life in many ways. When you’re eating correctly, your health improves. When you’re socializing, you’re actively mobile, your mind is active and a feeling of safety increases.

Graystone Auctions has worked with seniors in making this major transition for over 30 years. We have a program that eliminates 99% of this stressful situation. The 1% remaining is the unknown of how a move like this unfolds and hopefully we will relieve that unknown for you, too. We have someone that will be there for you throughout the entire process and trusted resources for estate attorneys, financial advisers and other professional support services. We truly understand how to streamline this process for you. Call us anytime, 7 days a week.

We Do Everything! Including:
  • Identify the best place for you to move.
  • Identify valuable personal property and what it may be worth.
  • Sell personal property that you don’t want or need to take with you.
  • Get your home sold at fair market value.
  • Get you packed, moved and unpacked into your new home.

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